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Amy R Sterling at TEDxAmsterdam. Image by Bibi Veth

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Amy Robinson Sterling is the Executive Director of EyeWire, a game to map the brain. EyeWire crowdsources neuroscience, challenging hundreds of thousands of players around the world to solve 3D puzzles and map out neurons, allowing neuroscientists to chart synaptic connections and model circuitry.

Sterling has advised The White House OSTP and the US Senate on crowdsourcing and open innovation. Under her leadership, Eyewire’s neuroscience visualizations have appeared at TED and in Times Square NYC. She helped create the world’s first neuroscience virtual reality experience. Sterling curates the NIH 3D Print Exchange Neuroscience collection, which features several 3D printable neurons discovered by Eyewire gamers. Fast Company credits Amy with “making neuroscience into a playground for the hot tech du jour.” Sterling has written for Vice, the BBC, Nature, and Forbes. She tweets @amyleesterling.

Amy is a long time TEDster and founded the TEDx Music Project, a collection of the best live music from TEDx events around the world. She was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2015.

Selected Media

Fast Company Innovation Agent: Welcome to Brain Science’s New Frontier 

New York Times: Recruiting Help from Gamers

The Wall Street Journal: Gamers Recruited to Fight Ills

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Science Magazine Spotlight


Amy has spoken at events in numerous countries ranging from TED to The White House to the Game Developer’s Conference. Under her leadership, EyeWire has won awards, including: first place Vizzie, BioArt Competition from FAESB, and the Catalyzer Prize of the Word Life Sciences Forum. EyeWire’s design was featured at TED, in Times Square, at the San Francisco Exploratorium and in Boston’s Koch Image Gallery. Amy Robinosn Sterling has been featured in NBC’s Nerd Alert and Science/AAAS Careers.


Amy is a partner of HealthSterling, where she developed crowd-sourced population health programs that are now being deployed in Brasil. She previously organized TEDxHuntsville and is currently organizing TEDxMIT. Amy also works with MIT Media Lab biomechanatronics group creating motion capture datasets on yoga and alignment.


I’m a person of many side projects. I love bringing people together to collaborate and create. Caliber conversations fuel me.

Someone once poised the following wonderful, simple yet complex question: What are you passionate about? They challenged me to answer in 100 words.

Here’s what I said:

Curiosity. Endless exploration and perpetual discovery. History, etymology, literature – Seneca, Voltaire Nietzsche – scientific theory, travel, the human mind. My greatest curiosity is consciousness and how it is that I exist. I am obsessed with systems and complexity. Interdisciplinarity fuels my revelry in reality’s infinite variety. Bilateral symmetry, philharmonic sound, fractals, posture, creativity, the wild. Adamantly I focus and refocus my perception of the world and myself. In 100 words I need but four to tell you: my passion is life.

I’m ambidextrous. I gave the first autotuned presentation at a TED Conference (it was the answer to ‘what are you passionate about’). I like sciences, strong breezes, exploration, adventure, information visualizations, great questions etc. I love discovering other people.

Get to know me via Twitter or shoot an email to neurons at mit dot edu.


PS I am looking for someone interested in space awesomeness to help set up Project HAO (Hammocks for Astronomical Observatories).


  1. Really appreciating your contributions and articles. Loved the TED talk on A Journey Through The Brain and would love to hear your thoughts on the possibility of viewing change in connectomics in the context of alpha synuclein prion disease that leads to Lewy Bodies and subsequent Parkinson’s disease. Amongst other things, would love to find out more about what you are doing, very cool work from the looks of it!

  2. Amy:

    While browsing articles this evening I came across your piece on Elite Daily “Change Your Life: 3 Habits That Will Catapult You To Future Success.” It can be wonderful to slow down and remember the power of such simple concepts. The article was wonderful so I shared it and followed you on Twitter. I look forward to reading more. Have a great weekend!

    Robbie Morton

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