Be More Epic

be more epicFriends, we live in a fucking amazing world. Turn on the news and you might never realize it; however, there is a cure for the pessimism. It’s called content curation. Much in the same way that BrainPickings curates the web’s interestingness and I Fucking Love Science + It’s Okay To Be Smart make science awesome and accessible to everyone, I’ve launched a new experiment in collaborative epicness called Be More Epic.

This new Facebook Page is curated by a small group of people whose minds I love. The guidelines are simple: share whatever strikes you as epic.

On this page you will find an integration of epicness from the world’s best and most obscure sources. We primarily share from RedBull, National Geographic, GoPro and other rad media powerhouses. You’ll also find crazy pics and videos of shit you never knew existed, such as thisthis and this.

Like the page and share what strikes you as epic on our wall. If you’re interested in contributing to curation, message me.

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