If you sort iPhone photos by size, which images come out on top?

I just got back from a post-TED trip to San Francisco. After importing my SF shots and sorting by size to pull out videos (for a coming-soon time lapse project), I noticed an interesting trend in my photos: the largest ones are taken outside.

Here are the 10 largest pics, ranging from 4.6 MB (green, center) to 3.2 MB (face of curiosity, bottom). Average size images range from 2-2.6 MB. What attributes describe the outliers? Nature. And a bit of art. Try this and share your mobile pics hungriest for data!

San Francisco Street Art The Face of Curiosity, Legion of Honor, San Francisco, Presidio, art Legion of Honor, SF, Linkin Park,
China Beach, San Francisco, waves IMG_1628
Presidio, Path, Sea, Forest, Green, San Francisco,

Presidio Path San Francisco Forest
Presidio Path, SF, Forest
Presidio Path San Francisco Forest

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