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I’ve been braistorming and working on this global music initiative for several months.

Now that I have leaped into the cool blue sea of human music, I’m enthralled.  I want to know more.  I want to understand why a violin sounds different than a synthesizer.  I want to see and touch sound.  I want to be capable of describing the dynamics of what I can hear.  I have 50 questions and 10 answers and so I’m going social.  I invite the world to share, listen, talk, and explore music.

Learning comes from curiosity, in my opinion.  I love to ponder and bounce around and discover.  Then I think of something it is with a relaxed yet invigorated mind, which makes an instant connection with something I care about – usually one of the “things” (thoughts) that lead to curiosity in the first place.  I wonder.  Life is good.

Explore: Music

Inspired by TED and TEDx.

Longfellow called music “the universal language of mankind.”   In much the same way that the TED Translations expands the reach of TED, the The TEDx Global Music Project aims to share TEDx harmonics with the world.

Explore the song reservoir and sign up for  Tues and Fri releases.  New music to your inbox.   

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