Find Meaning, Not Escape

waiting for a sign by workisnotajobA dear friend wrote me the following poem the day after we had a long philosophical mind to mind conversation. It makes me happy that someone thinks of me this way and reminds me to continue to aspire toward one of my own goals, which is to be the kind of person I’d like to meet. I think of it with an imaginary scenario: if I could meet myself on the street as a stranger and shake my own hand and magically know everything about myself, I would want to think “wow, you are a wonderful human being.” The poem below tells me that I’m headed in the right direction 🙂

A truly noble person with endless motivation;

Adventurous, full of wonderment, and destined to be great.

Greatness not only through her unnerving, endless determination,

But also through more subtle, less obvious traits:

For through her love and kindness she brings forth elation,

Inspiring those off path to find meaning, not escape…

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