First Blog Post.

I was in Jacksonville last week for a national ecosystem banking conference.  May work on a seagrass restoration bank on the Atlantic coast.  Also a water quality trade project in Texas.  And a three species conservation bank in California.  As well as regular Robinsong projects.

I’m working with EPA/Corps on changing policy to reflect the increased ecological benefits of planting aquatics in stream restorations with an increase in credit generation.  This must be backed by science; I currently collaborate with Auburn’s Biosystems Engineering Dept on structuring grad student experiments to illustrate the concepts I understand but cannot yet illustrate.  Very difficult and multidisciplinary.  Talks have moved through various others – most notably Oregon University’s Ecology Dept, as well as a long list of individuals who continually provide suggestions, ideas, and networking opportunities.

I am currently pursuing an intensive study to better familiarize myself with the state of global ecological economic markets, in prep for a conference in Washington D.C. in early June.  Also studying environmental physics to aid in development of research to back ideas generated.  

Still looking for data on carbon sequestration rates of oceanic plants (esp. phytoplankton) – Any info would be appreciated.

That’s a (very short) briefing of my work-related endeavors.  Stay tuned for personal interests, they are far less..structured, in the traditional sense of “one thought leading to a related next” – I am all over the place.  

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