#HowILostMyGoPro and an open challenge to find it

Once upon a time there was a daring kayaker. She paddled the western waters of Outer Brewster Island, a beautiful rocky outcrop and the last bit of land before open Atlantic Ocean. She rode tidal rapids and took in the surreal landscape. Then she rounded the pointe. While exploring a cove on the eastern tip, a swell caught her broadside, capsizing the kayak and leaving a bobbing chick in the water for a couple fishermen to rescue.

amyleerobinson rescued by fishermen, gopro, wipeout, gopro wipeout

gopro on my head wipeoutThat happened to me on 30 June, 2013. I had a GoPro strapped to my forehead, which was taking an image every 2 seconds. It survived the capsizing but was knocked from my head in a big wave tumble, which you can see in the video below. The GoPro rests in the sea somewhere off the tip southeast cove of Outer Brewster Island National Park.

Here is a wipeout vid and a challenge should you choose to accept it:


42°20’34.9″N   70°52’27.83″W

X marks the spot:

x marks the spot gopro treasure hunt amy robinson
Reward: Beer, DInner and Glory

This is in fact more than a mission. It’s an open call adventure. I’m pleased to announce a new side project. In the works is a portal for GoPro owners to connect and explore together. Imagine if you knew everyone in your city with a GoPro. Imagine if during vacations you could team up with locals or other for adventures. Work hard; play hard. Stay tuned and in the mean time let’s find this camera!

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