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Just got off the phone with a former science teacher from Challenger.  Mr. Crum.. I recall notes had cartoons and had all been “drawn” (rather than, say, typing or writing); it made science more interesting in some .. applied sense.  He lives several states away now, and has retired from the military, private sector work, and teaching.  I sent him a letter regarding those wierd “Mr. Crum’s Notes” that covered the fundamentals of each different science (I have an incomplete set..they’re high quality).  We conversed regarding science (also the notes – that he still has and is sending[!]).  It turns out he worked at a nuclear physics lab as a chemist, and was hired as chief engineer for the environmental maintenence program in the shuttle…

Challenging, strange, interesting, reactions with other people often so seem to be.  [the grammar of this correspondence is atrocious, I am typing [mostly] the thoughts directly as a word develops in my head – my thought trajectories tend to ignore traditional grammatical syntax (“human affairs, one and all, are of no great seriousness; nevertheless..”).  I will work on editing for you.]

  Well what’s the point of that?  Successful letter.  We are now corresponding regarding project development.  Talk to people. 

What’s the point of that?  I am STOKED about DC and perhaps I try to give a good bit of word to begin(above) so you’ll read enough to get to this boast?  [Maybe I shouldn’t type as I think.] Well.. I am going to the Global Katoomba Meeting (action/purpose: “Developing an Infrastructure Fund for the Planet”) regarding the state of ecological economics in the world.  It will be held inside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  Speaking, face-to-face, with some of the people convening with this group will probably forever set in fine light this first visit and impression of mine to DC. 

Katoomba Meeting Website:

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