Map Mysteries

Screenshots mysterious things to identify exploring Google Earth.

First, this is beautiful. On a coast of Egypt.

this is beautiful earth, map mystery, google earth


Curious (tweet me your thoughts @amyleerobinson):

1. What made these tracks?

1 what is this a track of?, map, map mystery
from higher altitude:2 tracks from higher up, map mystery

2. How awesome would it be if there were a map where you could view seasonal changes on demand? Maybe it exists and I just don’t know yet?


3. What is this?

4 what is this?


5 what is that there are houses

4. What are the structures built out in the water?

7 this is also beautiful and what are those things in the water?

5. Waves, not clouds?

8 waves or are they clouds

Also explore..

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  1. Amy:
    Russ Russell here! from Huntspatch. GHS 1978 The Huntsville Times did an article on you and I laminated it for you. I have also give a copy to GHS. Let me know how i can get this to you.
    Russ Russell
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