Decide what is important.
Literally, neurochemistry changes during transitions from stress to invigoration relaxation. What does that more yoga.

Life. What is it? What happens to you as time goes by?
Interaction, conversation, time as self – what do you do when you have time at your exposure? I also think, stretch, google scholar. I do side projects, like TEDx. I do not watch tv. I waste a fair amount ( trying to minimize this, practical. #qs).

I expend concentrated directional bursts of energy (thinking about).

Consciousness. What is it? How do I see that this question is explored on a daily basis? (by the way iPad keyboard is, in my opinion, more efficient to type on than a 3d keyboard, after learning curve surpassed. b. Noticed the other day in conversation it is possible to type without looking at the keyboard while simultaneously not being able to draw out a keyboard from memory {retreading before posting. Deliberate tangential example})

Time, then is the layout of how I spend it. Spatially, electrically, biochemically, what does that mean? Why do I do what I do? Make choices? I see or strive toward some perceived benefit. I know, I think I know, that my mind operates well in creative freedom occasionally expansed or compressed into torrential avalanches of nerve growth factor.

Stream of consciousness thoughts on consciousness, 2011. You, humans, this is a big thing to think about. I think about it a lot, I am blogging it. Imagine with me. Who are you? How do you exist?

You’re a biochemical thing with an electrophysiologal existence reading, thinking these sentences (concepts). Think – I am comprehensible. What does that mean?
Philosophize? Think the absurd, play with ideas. You will stir up humor, fun, intrigue, doubt, bravery, tangents, curiosity, discovery, ideas.

Try it. I do. I wonder how to share. This, is a start.

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