Just threw iTunes on shuffle.  Here are the first ten songs that play:

1.  The Beatles – Eight Days A Week

2.  James Taylor – How Sweet It Is

3.  Kiss – Parasite

4.  Los Lonely Boys – Velvet Sky

5.  Schumann – Manfred Overture, Op. 115

6.  Frank Sinatra – I Have Dreamed

7.  Jack Johnson – The News

8.  Yo-Yo-Ma – Happy Xmas (War is Over) [stellar remix!]

9.  Bach – Suite for Cello No. 6 in D Minor

10. Dave Matthews Band – Lover Lay Down

I listened to Beatles, Schumann, Yo-Yo-Ma, Bach & DMB all the way through.  Point?  Make your own decisions, otherwise half the time you’ll end up fastforewarding to see if something better is up.  Unlike iTunes, life can’t be rewound.


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  1. I didn’t have a point when I started that post. And perhaps I didn’t even learn from the one I did come to since shuff is still on and now Van Halen is rocking me out yeahhhh ahhhhh yeahh! I make the choice to let something else choose for me.. am I making my own decision? Maybe I’m choosing not to not choose something by allowing every possibility equal probability.

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