Getcha Happy On

Our life is what our thoughts make it Marcus AureliusLife is awesome. While I’m waiting for a video edit to render, thought I’d throw together a little every day chipper.  Up next is a brief brainstorm of words I love…

Happy. Delighted. Spectacular. Stellar. Splendid. Wonderful. Awesome. Beautiful. Zesty. Thrilled. Bright. Effervescent. Astounding. Excellent. Fantastic. Superb. Exquisite. Marvelous. Stunning. Extraordinary. Lovely. Remarkable.  Still haven’t smiled? Get on this epic.

Alright, video should be done now 🙂  Have a great day.

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Be More Epic

be more epicFriends, we live in a fucking amazing world. Turn on the news and you might never realize it; however, there is a cure for the pessimism. It’s called content curation. Much in the same way that BrainPickings curates the web’s interestingness and I Fucking Love Science + It’s Okay To Be Smart make science awesome and accessible to everyone, I’ve launched a new experiment in collaborative epicness called Be More Epic.

This new Facebook Page is curated by a small group of people whose minds I love. The guidelines are simple: share whatever strikes you as epic.

On this page you will find an integration of epicness from the world’s best and most obscure sources. We primarily share from RedBull, National Geographic, GoPro and other rad media powerhouses. You’ll also find crazy pics and videos of shit you never knew existed, such as thisthis and this.

Like the page and share what strikes you as epic on our wall. If you’re interested in contributing to curation, message me.

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It’s human nature to want to explore

I have mad respect for RedBull, an energy drink company turned powerhouse of epic. RedBull supports adventure. They embrace risk. They empower people to break bones and boundaries. Here’s their latest video, which is awesome.

I hear you like the wild ones, honey, is that true? Yes, yes it is.  I curate amazing, wild things from Red Bull on a new Facebook page called Be More Epic.


“I think it’s human nature to want to explore.

Find your line and go beyond it.

The only limit is the one you set yourself.”

Images brought to you by RedBull:

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What if Google ads were replaced with inspirational words? It’s happening to me.

Holstee Manifesto, inspireWhat if when you visited an ad-supported website, you were shown the Holstee Manifesto?

Back in December I saw an ad for Holstee. For the first time ever, I clicked (and ended up buying inspiring notecards printed on 50% elephant poo). Since that fine day, Holstee has been stalking me.

And I love it.

I read about monkeys plaguing Puerto Rico and Holstee is there. I browse Colossal; Holstee is there. NYT, WSJ, YouTube..Holstee is there.  There’s really nothing like clicking on a link and getting a thumbnail of “share your passion” or even better — while wasting time on Reddit, “life is short” pops up and jolts my supernova self back into focus.

I occasionally click the ads and buy more things from Holstee, as much in joy to share their kind words with friends as to keep these awesome ads in my browser.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Have you ever tried hacking Google Ads?

In case you need visual proof, here are a couple screenshots:

monkeys plague puerto rico

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 1.09.26 AM Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 8.42.52 PMScreen Shot 2013-01-04 at 11.37.34 AM

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See the World Differently with Beautiful Photomicrography

Before you read this, pause and look at your hand.  Imagine that you could see ten, one hundred, a thousand times higher resolution.  What would your hand look like?  What world the world look like?

Photomicrography, the science of imaging through microscopes, is a window into an exotic world.

To illustrate the beautiful new perspectives made possible by advanced imaging technology, I’ve compiled some exquisite images from Nikon Small World.  Can you identify them? You’re doing well if you get even one correct. Answers are at the bottom of this post.


cricket tongue


tapeworm head


compound shrimp eye


red ink mixed with acid, heated


feather of a dove


"fruit fly eye"


"marine diatom"


"moth wing"


"crystallized mix of resorcinal, methylene blue and sulphur"


"fossilized shells"


"soap bubbles"


"wrinkled photoresist"


"actin bundles" image


"cup fern longitudinal section" image


"water crystal" image


"bird of paradise seed"


"Butterfly egg on pink powderpuff bud"




sand magnified 4x


"mushroom gills"


1. Cricket tongue by Christian Gautier

2. Head of a tapeworm by Vigar Zaman

3. Shrimp eye by John Douglass

4. Red ink mixed with acid, heated by Carlos Jimenez Perez

5. Feather of a dove by Leonard Cannone

6. Fruit fly eye by Guichuan Huo

7. Marine diatom by Wim Van Egmond

8. Moth wing by Charles Krebs

9. Crystallized mix of resorcinal, methylene blue and sulphur by John Hart

10. Fossilized shells by Wim van Egmond

11. Soap bubbles by Viktor Syorka

12. Wrinkled photoresist by Pedro Barrios-Perez (what is a photoresist?)

13. Actin bundles by Dennis Breitsprecher

14. Cup fern, longitudinal rhizome section by Stephen Lowry

15. Water crystal by Raul Gonzalez

16. Bird of paradise (plant) seed by Viktor Syorka

17. Butterfly egg on pink powderpuff bud by David Millard

18. Microchip by Alfred Paseika

19. Sand by Yanping Wang

20. Mushroom gills by Charles Krebs

A few more awesome images that may surprise you:

Pollen grains by Shirley Owens

Lysine by Nikolai Vsevolodov

Small intestine of mouse by Paul Appleton

All images sourced from Nikon’s Small World.

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#firstworldproblems or An Internet Meme Changed My Life

You’ve just flown across America. You walk up to a rental car counter to pick up a convertible you reserved. It’s not ready. You’ll have to drive a loaner Civic for a few hours. When the car you reserved is ready, it will be delivered to you.

This happened to me two days ago and I thought, what a #firstworldproblem. And in stead of being irritated at the digital infrastructure fail, I laughed.

A good meme is like sunshine on a cloudy day or a delicious new flavor of ice cream. It dashes your day with a split second of surprise awesomeness.

Recently I have taken the meme “first world problems” to the next level. I use it to catalyze optimism. When I think about it, 99.999% of would-be daily frustrations are not a big deal. They’re basically irrelevant. Like the convertible situation. Or a few hrs delayed flight. Traffic. My latte tastes burnt..and the barista didn’t even put a fern leaf in the foam. Fail. I’ve established a habit that even BJ Fogg would be proud of. I’ve figured out how to turn frustration into laughter. The answer (to all life’s problems) is a meme. Try it.

Next time you’re frustrated ask yourself if you are experiencing a first world problem.

Potential #firstworldproblem indicators:

– anything related to paid vacation
– inconveniences. Expensive healthcare is a firstworldproblem. No healthcare is not.
– Involves Internet (AT&T..terrible..yet 100000x better than Nigerian Internet), electricity (low battery already?!), technology (damn it, forgot to turn on the dryer again), spare money and time (my Mercedes only takes premium fuel)

It goes on. And on. Really this post is to say that the next time you feel frustration welling think of #firstworldproblems. I do. It changes my perspective. I think and interact differently. It also influences others. Laugh at problems. If they won’t matter in 100 years, shift focus and see frustrations for what they really are: future funny stories.

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