MIT Neuroscience Harlem Shake

Today, besides officially naming the first neuron mapped by gamers ‘IFLS’ for “I Fucking Love Science,” finalizing a talk for TEDActive and organizing the backend public beta for a rad new MIT Media Lab 3D matrix-style animation project, our lab made a Harlem Shake video. I’m not sure what this is..or why it’s a thing..but it’s clearly awesome and gave Sebastian Seung a chance to show off his unbelievably amazing dance skills. More moves in the blooper reel below.

Tomorrow I’m off to LA..maybe we’ll make a TEDActive Shake..

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Dave Chappelle

Yesterday, while bingeing out on some classic Chappelle, we found these diamonds.  The first is ridiculously funny about food and culture and examines our stereotypes in a typically DC way: blunt and hilarious. The second presents his astute observations on how impressions can be deceiving.. No intro will do justice..just watch.  On another cultural note, listen for a vocal resemblance when Dave breakes into his “white guy voice”. He sounds just like Obama!  I give you, “Grape Drink” and “How Women Dress”.  Enjoy

Davie C we miss you, come back!

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