Video Infographic, 3D

Air Traffic Control company NATS visualizes data from flights over 24 hours. A moving camera path brings out the data’s 3D structure. Gorgeous work. Curious circuits pumping people of the world around. I’d never heard of a Heathrow holding stack! Imagine when we have one of these for the brain..

“A few highlights include the North Atlantic tracks that connect Europe with North America, the airways that run up the spine of the UK, the holding stacks at London’s capacity stretched airports and the military manoeuvres off Anglesey in Wales.”

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air traffic over europe NATS, infographic, earth

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Live from the Stellarium

How are you? Start any new side projects lately?

I have.  For your exploration, a spark of the happenings in my life.

1. Kinertia. 501(c)3 not-for-profit (ideas apparently don’t count as currency).  Mission:  accelerate active ideas.  AKA side projects don’t lose x% of finances to municipalities during transactions that yield greater good.

2. Automated infographics.  Yep.  I’ve drafted a kickstarter project to automate the generation of infographics like the one below so that you can answer some questions and logically (as opposed to magically) your own appears.  Customize with your pics. Link to social media so your interests can be mapped and visualized over time. In the future.  For now, you could get your own one personal health infographic.  Awesome!

Look into

Finally TED is coming up and I am sparked.  The idea of spending a week among hundreds of other intellectually stimulated, ideaful people delights me.  And motivates me to expend effort creating things I think should exist.  Why not?   So here is the latest from the TEDx Global Music Project.  I recommend subscribing to the RSS.

Better than the latest: the future.  It’s intense. Keep going.

Delightful new genre called “Ka-Ka” from Serbia because listening to a song adds 3.5 seconds to your life. Music starts at 1:34.

Now focus on breathing while you listen to the hang.

4?  I am switching to bullet points. Still listening to that first performance, harp and cello.

  • The next think that’s been up is biochemistry.  I’ve been making prezis.  That’s right.  My biochem notes are made in prezi.  It takes longer and yields incredibly dynamic representation of concepts within information sets.  Some screenshots:

Be vibrant. I do so by working on the most curious things I can explore. Serbian music playing now.  If you find cool videos – as in visualizing something you can’t technically “see” like timelapse oh!

Wowing example of something I find amazing:  timelapse of clouds over a rainforest, which to me looks like the edge of a tide with soft waves sloshing.

You are on a quest to discover and share.  Tweet things to me @amyleerobinson.  Consider it your mission: find awesomeness and make it social.  You will get a life bonus in the form of some surprise that brings you delight, like a retweet.  How can I entice you, oh wise and noble internet browser who has just discovered this post, to uncover wonder and report back?

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Infographic series on the human body

The human body fascinates me.   It is beautiful that I am a biochemical system standing here thinking about how I exist.  I think a lot of things about the body are fantastic, so I’ve started creatively conveying things that make me think “wow.”   Here are the latest visualizations from my professional playing with Inkscapes through Sterling Health‘s Body 101 series on

Your body is amazing. Over 650 skeletal muscles working together yield your bilaterally symmetrical biological frame, composed functionally of 325 working pairs of muscles and over 187 joints. How many can you feel?

I’m at about 150, up from just 100 a couple months ago. Yoga and other exercise activities that simultaneously strengthen and stretch your muscular system (including ligaments and tendons) enhance not only your posture and strength but also promote innervation and viscularization of tissue. Here’s another serving of Body 101 a la carte: during the first couple weeks of exercising a new muscle, much of the improvement is acually increased efficiency of the nervous system to communicate with muscular fibers and cells (source: hamill and knutzen, the biomechanical basis of human movement).  View on

It can take up to 20 minutes for the chemicals that tell your body that you are hungry to be reabsorbed and replaced by those that signal fullness. This is why doctors recommend you stop eating when you are satiated, rather than full.

Food for thought next time your belly is on your mind.  View on

What are you? While philosophically this varies, biologically, you are a series of chemical reactions. The mighty brain is the end goal of your body: facilitating the growth of new neural connections and firing along those synapses that already exist. This “connectome” essentially IS you. Your brain never stops growing as long as you continually explore new things, challenge yourself with varied ideas, and think abstractly about how and who you are. I hope you remember every day how intricately complex and mindbogglingly beautiful it is that you are alive.  View on

Designers, email me amy at to  take part in the Body 101 project: visualizing the human machine on

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