What are you passionate about?

Yesterday I was asked “what are you passionate about?”  Refreshing.  And told to answer in 100 words or less.  Interesting challenge.

This question in the TEDGlobal application catechism caught my attention.  At first I scoffed.  How can I capture my zest in 100 words..I need a thousand, ten thousand.. and then I began to write. 

Scoff turns to intrigue as I realize this is a conversation with a quiet comrade, not a monologue.  Who am I, what fuels me is the question.  Introduce, don’t preach.  Outline my horizon.

I think high and wide and a hurricane of vocabulary in strange grammatical structure erupts from my brain.   Thoughts of thousands of words melt into hundreds, then dozens.  This challenge poises an opportunity for precise creative thinking.  As I progress in my answer I am captured by the notion that my initial reaction has morphed into a beautiful realization. 

I used the 100 words to create a chromosome of passion.  This is an outline of me, not the complete expression.  In this attempt to densely pack  myself into 100 words I found, surprisingly, that my passion required just four.  And I am delighted to share them with you.

Question:  What are you passionate about?

“Curiosity.  Endless exploration and perpetual discovery. History, etymology, literature (Seneca, Voltaire, Nietzsche+), scientific theory, travel, the human mind…My greatest curiosity is consciousness and how “I” exists.  I am obsessed with systems and complexity. Interdisciplinarity fuels my revelry in reality’s infinite variety.  Bilateral symmetry, philharmonic sound, fractals, posture, creativity, the wild..adamantly I focus and refocus my perception of the world and myself.  A dynamic innovative mind am I who lives for both the unexpected surprise and long developed accomplishment. In 100 words I need but four to tell you:  My passion is life.”

We should all be asked this more frequently.  Have a go, what are you passionate about?

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Just threw iTunes on shuffle.  Here are the first ten songs that play:

1.  The Beatles – Eight Days A Week

2.  James Taylor – How Sweet It Is

3.  Kiss – Parasite

4.  Los Lonely Boys – Velvet Sky

5.  Schumann – Manfred Overture, Op. 115

6.  Frank Sinatra – I Have Dreamed

7.  Jack Johnson – The News

8.  Yo-Yo-Ma – Happy Xmas (War is Over) [stellar remix!]

9.  Bach – Suite for Cello No. 6 in D Minor

10. Dave Matthews Band – Lover Lay Down

I listened to Beatles, Schumann, Yo-Yo-Ma, Bach & DMB all the way through.  Point?  Make your own decisions, otherwise half the time you’ll end up fastforewarding to see if something better is up.  Unlike iTunes, life can’t be rewound.


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