TEDxSummit Prezi on TEDx Music

Back in April I had the pleasure of adventuring to Doha, Qatar for TEDxSummit to think with 700 others about how to turn ideas into action  (yes I am one of the people running up the dune).  One of the many ways to do it is by curating TEDx events.  Thousands of them with thousands of ateendees have created over 17,000 TEDxTalks.  Fully 30% of the talks on TED.com are now from TEDx events.

Within this immense number of TEDxTalks is the music of TEDx, which is for the first time being collected and shared on Soundcloud, free like the great ideas on TED.com. More mediums coming soon.  The prezi below accompanies the ~15 min explanation I did at a TEDxSummit workshop.  It  starts and ends with video performances, from TEDxTaipei and TEDxToronto respectively.

What do we have here?

Thousands of passionate music performances.  creative commons license.  global scope. genre defying. currently only on youtube. many with just a few hundred views. Invigorating opportunity to share something awesome with the world.


collect the music, organize it for maximized discovery and sharability


Let’s think together and make this happen. Strategize.  We must develop&design a system to collect, remaster and organize many files; we must tag this music; structure the share and discovery.  Finally we should create a how-to guide so that no more performances will be lost to poor audio.

Then we broke into working groups and for the first time, a global gathering got TEDx-ers together in one place.  We started building TEDx Music 2.0.  Excitement is an understatement. Now we’re live on Soundcloud..main site is about to be completely relaunched..

I leave you with this, a camel ride. Why not?  Life is full of surprise opportunities for adventure.  Pair accomplishments with interstitial small joys for epic invigoration.  That’s one way among many.  Live a life you love.

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