ten minutes

Okay I am going with whatever comes to mind here.  (Aren’t I always?)

I have been doing these structure stretches since .. before Christmas sophomore year at Auburn (latter third of 2005).  I refer to them as structural because the idea is to relax all your muscles and balance on your frame (skeleton).  It’s almost like meditation but in stead of being still I am constantly stretching/re-aligning my body.  I study Gray’s Anatomy – the a book on human physiology- extensively.  Also the biomechanical basis of human movement. 

I feel better when my posture is improved.  And on a side note, when I get stressed or emotionally sad/angry, I noticeably tense up and my posture worsens!  And I am unable to physically return to a relaxed state until I am no longer emotionally agitated.

I am called in to work early today ah so that’s the end of that!

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