Treacherous Trail


Yesterday I hiked Kuli’ou’ou Trail with some friends.  Here are two videos (+ two photos) of a ridgetop excursion along a skinny path flanked by 1000′ sheer drops and amplified by a strong gusty wind.  So turn down your volume (the wind is loud) and try not to get vertigo as you take a few steps with me along the scariest trail I have ever set foot on.


Video #1


Video #2


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  1. Cool, we can add it to the agenda. It is difficult – took us 3 hrs roundtrip – 2 up and one down. And the elevation change is 1800 feet. High grade. But the view is so worth it. There are a couple places I want to take you guys to hike!

  2. Absolutely AWESOME!!! Ames your shoe’s untied !!!!
    Not many three foot wide trails along a ridgetop here in Houston !!!

  3. The Kalalau Trail had similar adrenaline-evoking sections, but I think I was not as likely to be a human kite on it as one is on this trail. With a (too) heavy backpack on, I had to worry about falling 200+ feet to the ocean below. I’ve vowed not to do it again without company so that someone knows when I fall off. “Public” parks here would have cables along each side of the trail, if they even allowed people to venture to such an area. Hawaii leaves these dangers open so that you can go to those special places where one feels most alive. Why is it that at the places where we are most in peril do we feel most alive?

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